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Sondela Academy, as part of the Sondela Training Group, provides a Training Management function that delivers training and other projects to its clients. The following main services are available:

  • Delivery of training interventions on behalf of their customers.
  • Establishment of a management company for a resort or business that can also provide the workplace environment for work integrated learning (WIL).

A typical scenario would be where a mine, for example, closes down and the retrenched staff members need alternative work. In such an instance, Sondela Academy would be tasked by the mine’s management to carry out a skills analysis and develop a skills development plan in which the staff members are re-skilled in other sectors by means of the work integrated learning approach. Candidates taking part in such a work integrated learning process will have a higher re-employment rate due to the work exposure they have experienced.

Companies needing a training provider when faced with the re-skilling and re-training of their staff due to retrenchment, can get a one stop solution through Sondela Academy. Although focus is primarily on the Tourism Sector, extensive experience in the training field enables Sondela Academy to also deliver this service in other sectors.

A variety of skills programmes are available to enable candidates to become re-skilled and prepare them to find employment – these are presented in accordance with the available funding. Full qualifications, which may be undertaken over a period of more than one year, are also available in various disciplines.

Features of the Service

The process of delivering the project on behalf of the client is based on project principles.

The process of recruitment, arrangement of workplaces, contracting with candidates and institutions, placements and the workplace rotations needed for maximum exposure are features of the service provided by Sondela Academy. Logistical and administrative support, including the payment of stipends and other administrative functions, is also offered.

Advantages of the Product

There are several advantages to using this product:

  • Sondela Academy is a training specialist with extensive experience in the training field.
  • Participants use a Learning Learner Management System (LLMS) to record their progress. Clients are also able to access this interactive system to monitor their graduates or interns.
  • Clients work with one Service Provider and one Service Level Agreement (SLA), making administration much easier.
  • Workplace preparation is part of the process and graduates are properly inducted into their workplace.
  • Post rotation is an integral part of the training process and results in maximum exposure to the various aspects workplace.
  • Workplace readiness audits are conducted to determine the suitability of the workplaces identified for the WIL programme.

Contact Us
For more information or for a specific quote with cost effective fee structure, please contact Sondela Academy using the details below:

John Mahlangu (Director Sondela Academy)
Tel: 014 736 8860