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Sondela Academy, as part of the Sondela Training Group, provides a Human Resource Solution to businesses. This is based on the Work Place Skills Plan (WSP) to start the process of the solution.

The solution effect lies in the fact that students can be utilised in the workplace to supplement the current workforce in order to improve the delivery of services in the workplace when utilising students under the direct supervision of permanent staff and managers. This solution has a direct impact on the “bottom-line” over time.

Concept of the Service

The concept of the service is that of when a business decides to become involved in this HR Solution Sondela Academy takes the lead in supporting such a business to implement the HR Solution.

The solution is tested and proven already since 2007 in detail at Sondela and is a working model for any business.

It is a process driven implementation that start with the training by means of the WSP and preparation of the business to be ready and aligned to receive students and implement their training and workplace exposure to the maximum benefit of the business and the individual.

Advantages of the Product

There are several advantages to using this product:

  • Sondela Academy is a workplace training specialist organisation with extensive experience in the workplace training field.
  • Participants use a Learning and Learner Management System (LLMS) to record their progress. Clients are also able to access this interactive system to monitor their graduates, staff or interns.
  • Clients work with one Service Provider and one Service Level Agreement (SLA), making administration much easier.
  • Workplace preparation is part of the process and staff and students are properly inducted into their workplace.
  • Post rotation is an integral part of the training process and results in maximum exposure to the various aspects of the workplace.
  • Workplace readiness audits are conducted to determine the suitability of the workplaces identified for the WIL programme.
  • Recruitment of staff become less of a risk factor as you can employ the best of your students that were trained by you. They also pay themselves for their training. You only have to invest in the training of your staff.

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