This wonderful facility, situated within walking distance of the Sondela reception area, will surely capture your imagination and the littleĀ residents will certainly capture your hearts. Touch, feel, listen and tour through the Sondela Wildlife Centre. Let the team share with you their vast experience, dedication and passion for the hand-rearing, care and handling of the wild animals in their charge.

At the Sondela Wildlife Centre we:

  • Care for wild animals in distress.
  • Rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured wild animals.
  • Hand-rear orphaned wild animals.
  • Provide comfortable safe holding facilities for animals.
  • Create a better world for wild animals by improving their welfare and educating people in an entertaining manner to care for our natural heritage.

We’re also apart of the African Conservation Trust.

Other Information


Please contact Reception on 014 736 8800 for available times at least 48 hours in advance. All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Sanctuary, exhibition and rehab permit:
Permit Number: S 13302 Issued in terms of the provisions of the National Environment Management Biodiversity Act 2004, Act 10 of 2004

P-3 Permit:
Permit Number: WIM-00180 Issued in terms of the provisions of the Limpopo Environmental Management Act 2003, Act no. 7 of 2003

Buffalo Permit:
Registration Number: WR03/335/0028 Registered in terms of Regulation 20A of the Animal Diseases Regulation, GN R2026 of September 1986