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See our most Frequently Asked Questions below

Where can information on Course Fees be obtained?

You are welcome to contact us on or book for an Open Day

Where do the learners stay?

We can accommodate 35 ladies in our women’s residences on the premises. Boys can select suitable accommodation from several private providers situated around Sondela Academy or in Bela-Bela – contact details are available at the Open Days and the providers often attend the Open Days to escort aspiring parents and students to visit the available accommodation at their premises. All students, whether live-in or live-out, must provide their own meals – a Staff /Student Canteen is available – more information and prices are available at the Open Days. Daily transport to Sondela Academy via our bus can be arranged.

What are the entrance requirements?

Age: 17-24. If you enrol for a short course the entry requirement is a Grade 10 certificate. Should you enrol for a longer-term qualification, the entry requirement is a Grade 12 certificate. Due to the physical nature of the qualifications, any special needs or medical conditions must be declared upon application for enrolment. The Academic Board will review the application for approval or referral.

When does the training start?

We have a January, as well as a July intake every year. For January, we start during the last week of January with an induction programme aimed at introducing learners to their new environment. The training is valid for the period stipulated in the tuition agreement.

How do you enrol?

You can enrol by paying the Registration Fee. This fee of R1 500.00 is payable when you accept the Quotation by signing it, and a Tuition Deposit of R7 000.00 is payable before the end of December for the end of January intake. Should you wish to enrol for July, the tuition deposit should be paid before 31 May. We will discuss all the payment options for the balance with you at the Open Day.

Do the learners get paid during the year?

No. Although learners are busy in the workplace, the workplace experience is the “Work Integrated Learning” or ”experiential learning” component of the learner’s studies and in order to complete the minimum notional hours required by the qualification.

How often can a learner go home?

It is one weekend “on” and one weekend “off”. “Off” implies being able to be off Sondela Academy from Friday at 15:00 up to Tuesday morning at 07:30. The hospitality industry requires long hours and resorts are at their busiest during holidays and weekends. Furthermore, in the industry, personal plans often have to be changed to accommodate new events occurring at a resort. It is therefore important that the learners experience this during their training so that they are under no illusion regarding the working hours that will be required of them in future. All learners have to participate in the events Sondela offers on certain weekends; therefore, sometimes it will only be possible to take “weekend leave” on the following available weekdays. Learners will however be informed in time about their on or off time.

What clothes do the learners wear?

The learners wear the same uniform/clothing as the Sondela staff. They get two sets of clothes as part of the quotation, but they can order more when they enrol. The chef trainees get special kitchen uniforms as part of the qualification. During the first 4 weeks of the year, learners will be in the Workplace Orientation Course, and they will be issued with Sondela T-shirts, to be worn with their own denim or khaki trousers.

Will the learners get job placements after completion of their initial training?

The best learners could get employment at Sondela if there are positions available, but all learners are urged to develop their photo evidence so that they can supplement their CVs. As our learners have workplace experience, the chances of finding work are better than usual. The learners’ confidence is also better developed which will improve their chances of finding work. It is a known fact that it is easier to find work if you have workplace experience.

What are the implications of withdrawing from the course or from the Sondela Academy Residences during the year?

You initially sign a contract to pay the agreed fees. Therefore, you will be responsible for the full amount owning as the training staff has been appointed to conduct training based on those fees. A cancellation clause, therefore, forms part of the contract with the implication of a penalty being imposed in case of a cancellation. This applies to both tuition and accommodation contracts.

Which language medium is used on the training courses?

All the learning material, hand-outs, forms, and presentations are done in English, the language of the tourism industry. No exceptions will be made to this.

Do we get a discount for paying the full amounts upfront?

Yes – For full payment of the total course fee before the end of January for the January Intake or before the end of July for the July Intake: 5% on the total Course Fee.

Please note that no discount can be applied to the Accommodation payment.

Does Sondela Academy offer financing options?

Yes, Sondela Academy does offer financing options for eligible students or sponsors. Email your enquiries to